• Network News

    1. MHRN-C Welcomes Julia Roberts 31.Mar.2014

      MHRN-C would like to welcome Julia Roberts who is replacing Seren Roberts from 1 April 2014


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  • Research Group News

    1. Report into suicides in young people in Wales published 27.Mar.2014

      A report published on the 20 March reviewing deaths through of suicide in children and young people in Wales has called for more to be done to ensure NICE guidance is implemented on the management of self harm.

    2. SUCP RDG brings together service users, carers and academics to undertake mental health research 04.Mar.2014

      The Service User and Carer Partnership RDG is one of MHRN-C's Research and Development Groups.


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  • Partner News

    1. Call to PIs: Learning Opportunities in the Research Setting (LORS) 18.Feb.2014

      The College of Medicine, Swansea University, has been successful in its application for the INSPIRE grant funded by the Academy of Medical Sciences.


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  • General Mental Health News

    1. 2014 MQ New Funding Opportunity 20.Feb.2014

      MQ is pleased to announce its 2014 Fellows Programme.


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Research Portfolio

About the MHRN-C Portfolio of Studies

We welcome any structured research activity where mental health is either the primary or secondary topic of interest. Studies eligible for the MHRN-C portfolio should involve face to face contact with NHS patients, Social Care service users or people involved with their care. We strongly encourage and support research engaging both service users and carers. Studies should be led from or recruiting participants from Wales.

All studies must have research funding in place before they can be added to the portfolio.

Co-adoption of Studies

In some situations we may also co-adopt studies that have their primary site in another UK country but where a site has also been identified in Wales. In this case, if the study is already on the NIHR portfolio, it would normally be automatically eligible for the MHRN-C portfolio.

Examples of the types of studies which we invite to be run on our portfolio

  • Uk wide studies involving collaboration with the English MHRN.
  • Large pragmatic randomised trials of complex interventions such as suicide prevention and early intervention in psychosis.
  • Large cohort studies involving patients with the major psychiatric disorders including mood disorder and psychosis.
  • Research to support policy development systems.
  • National, regional and local development of strategies to support evidence based service development and commissioning.
  • Responsive research to support policy initiatives.

If you have any queries regarding the MHRN-C Portfolio please contact:-

Helen Daniels (MHRN-C Coordinator)

Email contact: H.Daniels@swansea.ac.uk