• Network News

    1. MHRN-C Welcomes Julia Roberts 31.Mar.2014

      MHRN-C would like to welcome Julia Roberts who is replacing Seren Roberts from 1 April 2014


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  • Research Group News

    1. Report into suicides in young people in Wales published 27.Mar.2014

      A report published on the 20 March reviewing deaths through of suicide in children and young people in Wales has called for more to be done to ensure NICE guidance is implemented on the management of self harm.

    2. SUCP RDG brings together service users, carers and academics to undertake mental health research 04.Mar.2014

      The Service User and Carer Partnership RDG is one of MHRN-C's Research and Development Groups.


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  • Partner News

    1. Call to PIs: Learning Opportunities in the Research Setting (LORS) 18.Feb.2014

      The College of Medicine, Swansea University, has been successful in its application for the INSPIRE grant funded by the Academy of Medical Sciences.


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  • General Mental Health News

    1. 2014 MQ New Funding Opportunity 20.Feb.2014

      MQ is pleased to announce its 2014 Fellows Programme.


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MHRN-C Annual Scientific Conference


Mental Health and wellbeing in times of trouble

Short summary: In the face of economic, environmental and social upheaval, how can we expect to meet the increased demand on, and stresses faced by, individuals, families and communities? This conference will present ideas and practical examples of how users and professionals can join together to weather the current turbulence, through their interpersonal and community support networks.

Central to the theme is the creation and operation of services, in whatever sector, that can meet the needs of individuals, families and communities.




PRESENTATIONS (Please click on the relevant title to access content)





Welcome & MHRNC updates

Professor Keith Lloyd, Director MHRN Cymru




Update from MHRN Scotland – Dr James McKirdy, Network Manager MHRN Scotland

Update from MHRN England – Joanne Ashcroft, NIHR MHRN Assistant Director

Update from MHRN N.Ireland – Prof Gerry Leavey, Director of Bamford Centre for Mental Health


NCMH updates

Dr Ian Jones, Director of Clinical Training, MRC Centre for Neuropsychiatric Genetics & Genomics


NISCHR and the networks

Angela Martin, NISCHR






Is Mainstreaming Always the Answer? The Importance of Service-User Mutual Support

Professor Richard Warner, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Colorado, Director of Colorado Recovery, and formerly Medical Director of the Mental Health Centre of Boulder County, USA




On Our Own

Dr Rachel Perkins, BA, MPhil (Clinical Psychology), PhD, OBE, Consultant with the English Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change Programme.









Impact of the economic climate on the prevalence of Suicide and Self-harm in Wales

Dr Ann John, Senior Lecturer, Public Mental Health


The role of Inclusive Enterprise, Supporting Mental Wellbeing for all

San Leonard, Chief Executive, Social Firms Wales



Parallel sessions



Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Workshop 3

Workshop 4

Workshop 5



Simon Hatch

Unllais (no ppt)


Joan Doyle

Tina Foulkes

Huw Davies

Time to Change Wales (no ppt)


Gail Silver

Andy Royles



Service User & Carer RDG

Dr Phil Tyson

Christine Wilson

Dr Penny Llewellyn

Science Media Centre



Dr Edward Sykes




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